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With God

We believe the most important word in the Christian faith is with. The word “with” represents everything that has to do with God. God is relational (#Trinity). God desires to be with us. God-with-us. Immanuel. With love, God invites us to the table. And we experience this invitation tangibly every Sunday when we gather to take rest and rejuvenate in the bread and cup that God provides for and extends to us.

Join us for our weekly stripped down, minimalist, house-church-like worship gatherings on Sunday's at 11am at Daniels Run Elementary School.

With One Another

God’s invitation goes out not only to me, but to all of us. When a group of people responds to this invitation of grace, sitting with one another at the table, it forms a church community. And this community goes beyond Sunday mornings. We imitate this table, intimate or large, throughout the week, whether through family meals, small groups, fellowships, or other fun activities.

If you're interested in joining one of our weekly small group gatherings, please connect with us at We discuss various life topics in smaller, more intimate groups over good food and company.

With Community

God’s invitation goes beyond a church community. God’s love is for the whole world. We believe the transformation of the world happens one table at a time. Just like Jesus did, we are called to share our table with our neighbors, creatively, selflessly, and abundantly. We are called to sit at the table with our neighbors. And our definition of neighbors never ceases to expand.

Join us by partnering with FACETS and providing monthly mentoring with FACETS' clients to develop community friendships and foster important life skills such as budgeting, nutrition, and good hygiene habits. If you're interested in participating, please connect with us at